Leading company of hydraulic equipment that presents customers with the best quality

We will try our best to become a
leading company of global hydraulic equipment
under our company motto
“Originality, Challenge, and Innovation”.

Our company was established in 1999 as Dongmyeong Hydraulic Trading Company.
We aimed to develop into a global but low profile champion company of high quality
characterized by boldness of spirit and creative innovation that provides core parts of
construction machineries, such as hydraulic parts, track driving motors, swing motors,
and valve type parts within Korea and overseas.

We experienced many difficulties in the past few years. However, we were able to
wisely overcome such challenges by securing the groundwork for various capital investments
and continuous growth. We were able to prepare the foundation for our company to become
a global but low profile champion due to the success of our management performance.

Through continuous R&D, we will try our best to become a reliable corporation that
plays a key part in developing the hydraulic industry in relations to heavy construction
equipment in order to strengthen our already well developed technical skills in product
production and secure quality competitiveness so that the differentiated demands
of our customers can be met.

We, TOBIS HYDRAULIC Co., Ltd. promises to grow into a responsible company that contributes to the local community through cooperation and solidarity. So, we would like to ask for your unwavering support and love.

Thank you.